IT Operations

We provide tailored, quality assured, IT Operations services to the Life Science- and Financial sector with extraordinary data integrity and data protection services.

We are one of few flexible and independent hosting providers in the EU that are fully compliant with the rules and regulations in the pharmaceutical industry and GDPR.

Data Centre

IT-infrastructure elements are placed in a data center facility that is embedded in the Swedish bedrock. This ensures extremely tough physical protection.

Access to the facility is only granted after registration and authorization on site. Power is provided with redundant UPS backup and diesel generator backup (n+1 in accordance with TIA 942 Tier 2).

The physical environment within the facility has regulated temperature (22 degrees C +- 5 degrees) and humidity (50% +- 10%) with redundancy. Every technical space is a separate fire cell.

Server services

We customize the server solution to meet our Customers demand with a service that is secure and easy to scale when the business grows.

The production environment is fully redundant with regards to production servers, storage, networking and security.

Backup and Archive

The backup service is configured to provide the most cost efficent and secured backup for the specific task. An application server may have fewer backups done per day and a database may be backed up continously to ensure data continuity.

Data that needs to be securly Archived and not accessed frequently is stored in our long term Archive service.

Encryption, data retention etc is configured together with the Customer.


Replior monitor service performance 24/7 and will initiate troubleshooting if malfunction is suspected or reported. Service performance issues can be reported to Replior by phone or e-mail 24/7.